709, 2011

Flood Relief Mission II — Badin

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SUNDAY, SEPT 11, 2011: Team PKRELIF, which is a conglomerate between SA Relief and OffroadPakistan plans to head towards Badin (in Sindh, Pakistan) which is the worst hit flood area. Approximately 980,000 acres, 1,021,300 victims, 438,000 houses have  been  destroyed.  This will be team PKRELIF’s second expedition, with the first that took place last week before the […]

3108, 2011

Situation Report from Khorwah, Badin District

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Team PkRelief completed their second 2011 flood relief mission to Khorwah and Tando Mohammad Khan in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh. Following is a short video report for you, the donor on the aid distribution process and the the current situation on the ground.

There is still tremendous work to be done, team PkRelief which is […]

2708, 2011

Mission Badin: Live Tracker

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Team #PkRelief is all set for it’s next Flood Relief 2011 – Mission: Badin. The team leaves tomorrow, Sunday August 28, 2011. You can follow the expedition progress via twitter at #PKRelief or by clicking on the Cover-It-Live session below.

Relief Mission: Bain

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We invite you to HELP Us, HELP the 1.4 […]

1808, 2011

Chaand Raat Festival

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Buddies Without Borders and SA Relief Join Hands to Raise Funds.
Fundraiser for thousands affected by August 2011 floods in Pakistan
Buddies Without Borders will be selling Pakistan Flood Relief wristbands at the Chaand Raat festival on Monday  August 29th at Mehran Restaurant  in Fremont, California. Donations will be going to SA Relief to support Flood Relief […]