Flood Relief Mission II — Badin

By |September 7th, 2011|

SUNDAY, SEPT 11, 2011: Team PKRELIF, which is a conglomerate between SA Relief and OffroadPakistan plans to head towards Badin (in Sindh, Pakistan) which is the worst hit flood area. Approximately 980,000 acres, 1,021,300 victims, 438,000 houses have  been  destroyed.  This will be team PKRELIF’s second expedition, with the first that took place last week before the […]

Situation Report from Khorwah, Badin District

By |August 31st, 2011|

Team PkRelief completed their second 2011 flood relief mission to Khorwah and Tando Mohammad Khan in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh. Following is a short video report for you, the donor on the aid distribution process and the the current situation on the ground.

There is still tremendous work to be done, team PkRelief which is […]

Mission Badin: Live Tracker

By |August 27th, 2011|

Team #PkRelief is all set for it’s next Flood Relief 2011 – Mission: Badin. The team leaves tomorrow, Sunday August 28, 2011. You can follow the expedition progress via twitter at #PKRelief or by clicking on the Cover-It-Live session below.

Relief Mission: Bain

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We invite you to HELP Us, HELP the 1.4 […]

Flood Relief 2011 – Mission: Badin

By |August 15th, 2011|

The recent rains have caused tremendous damage in the southern Pakistan region of Badin (Sindh) and Balochistan.  NDMA estimates over 8,788,000 people have been displaced damaging over 6.5 million acres of land. These floods have caused 1.4 million homes to have been devastated, dislocating over 750,000 people into makeshift relief camp while thousands more remain in […]

Mission Brief: 4×4 Off-Road #PkRelief

By |September 19th, 2010|

On August 8th, 2010 the 4×4 OFFROAD club out of Karachi went into action and launched the Pakistan Flood Relief campaign in partnership with  SA Relief and Behbud Association.

Online donations were collected by Paksef (or the Pakistan Science & Engineering Foundation) a 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation registered in California.

On the ground the campaign was led by Dr Awab Alvi and Faisal Kapadia.

Since launching the campaign raised over $30,000 in online donations with over 4 Million Rupees from generous donors in Karachi. To date there have been 7 Relief Missions, details are as follows …


#PkRelief Medical Camp … Nominate yourself

By |September 19th, 2010|

The OffRoadPakistan team is organizing a medical camp in Moro on Sunday 26th September 2010. With the increased influx of patients from Dadu and the existing strain of IDP’ already in the area it has put a heavy strain on the existing resources in Moro and there is definite need for medical support to come […]

Donate to 4×4 OFFROAD Flood Relief Fund

By |September 13th, 2010|

On August 8th, 2010 the 4×4 OFFROAD club based out of Karachi went into action and launched the Pakistan Flood Relief campaign in partnership with  SA Relief and  Behbud Association.

Since launch the campaign  raised over $141,000 with $30,000 raised online via SA Relief.

To date we have completed 7 relief mission to Thatta, Sukkur, Shikarpur, and […]

Campaign for Pediatric Ward – Civil Hospital, Shikarpur

By |September 6th, 2010|

Dr. Awab Alvi along the the OffroadPakistan.com showcases the dire conditions in the Pediatric Ward of Civil Hospital Shikarpur. Two wards with 16 beds housing 60-70 kids are truly deplorable conditions, the World community needs to help save these children and thousands more. Lets start with one hospital immediately and do more DONATE NOW.

All funds […]

4×4 OFFROAD Relief Mission 1 … Sukkur & Shikarpur

By |September 1st, 2010|

Faisal Kapadia and Dr. Awab Alvi head to Sukkur and Shikarpur along withoffroadpakistan & SA Relief to deliver relief to the affectees in the region. During the trip they produced the 22nd episode of the Laidback Show

4×4 OFF ROADERS Mission 3 to Thatta

By |August 27th, 2010|

Convoy on the way to thatta with 20,000, (7155 of these packed till 2am last night) ready to eat meals comprising of one sheermal, 2 packets of chips, 4 packets of biscuits, 1 carton of milk, 1 bottle of mineral water, 1 packet of dates to feed the exodus moving out of thatta towards hyderabad […]