Flood Relief 2011 – Mission: Badin

The recent rains have caused tremendous damage in the southern Pakistan region of Badin (Sindh) and Balochistan.  NDMA estimates over 8,788,000 people have been displaced damaging over 6.5 million acres of land. These floods have caused 1.4 million homes to have been devastated, dislocating over 750,000 people into makeshift relief camp while thousands more remain in the open without a roof . Hundreds of villages were swept away due to flooding from a 200 foot wide gap in the salinity drain there. The Pakistan Army has launched a relief operation in Sindh and are attempting to shift these people into makeshift camps

Upon hearing of the situation PkRelief, an organization based on the partnership between the Offroad Pakistan and SA Relief went into full action by reaching out to the local community and infrastructure to determine what is needed. As an organization we have worked on several  relief efforts since 2005 and have a strong local contact base. In 2010 alone our organization collected and distributed relief valuing well over 170,000 USD for the flood relief efforts.

Presently we have adopted 3 camps in Badin, Sindh with the support of Nishat Welfare Organization whom have already housed 1,000  IDPs. Our plan initially is to provide the IDPs with cooked meals for the next 15 days.

Please donate generously. Thank you for your support. Every dollar counts.

For further information please email Dr Awab Alvi, Faisal Kapadia, Abdulrahman Rafiq, or Sabahat Ashraf at  pkfloods@sarelief.com.

Funds are being collected by Paksef (Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation) which is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit Corporation in California. SA Relief operates under Paksef.

Local Pakistan residents can donate via our local Bank:

Bank: Bank Al Habib
Account#: 1078-0081-001670-01-4
Account Title: Abdul Rahim
Branch Code: 1078
Contact Person: Email PKRelief at pkfloods@sarelief.com

For mission updates click here

Endorsed by:  Pakistan Embassy in Washignton DC


19 thoughts on “Flood Relief 2011 – Mission: Badin”

  1. SUNDAY: Plan to head towards BADIN which is the worst affected area – 980,000 acres, 1,021,300 victims, 438,000 houses destroyed

    Plan to go with 300+ food hampers also ordering large qty of ready-to-eat food items. Worried about security & distribution, keeping fingers crossed on local contacts. Would naturally welcome volunteers, but come only if you are ready to help and are self sufficient, we can’t/will-NOT baby sit Flood Tourists

  2. We went to nindo, badin khoski, shadi large, and the road ended in water in klohe we saw NO NDMA NO NGOS except for red crecent. Tv vans of geo al jazeera and sama were there and religious jamats WHERE ARE THE BLOODY NGOS? #badin #pkrelief

  3. i am belong from Badin sindh Pakistan, the rainfall is at this time continously destory all the things now the main issue is that the innocent people are die plz plz do some thing, this huge kind of destruction is out of control of govt of sindh, the funds donte by donater agencies take govt os sindh finally now time is that to destribute that food items etc to the Ngo who supply it govt have not more resources to supply plz plz it is my APPEAL to UN help us .

    Salman Nizamani
    C.E.O IFCD Badin

  4. Specially people outside country should donate generously.

    There are 2 Million Pakistani in UK, if each man donate his hour salary say 10(Pound)*2000000 = 276784611.12 Rupees (10 kror)

  5. Sorry! correction :-D

    There are 2 Million Pakistani in UK, if each man donate his hour salary say 10(Pound)*2000000 = 276784611.12 Rupees (27 krors)

    Bank: Bank Al Habib
    Account#: 1078-0081-001670-01-4
    Branch Code: 1078

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